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ChewCode.com has been started with an aim to provide a helpful guide to computer programming basics for the beginners who have just started to learn code. ChewCode.com is brought to you by the founders of GizmoBolt.com. At ChewCode we focus mainly on “C++” programming tutorials but our niche is not only limited to that.


Sakshi Bajaj

Founder and Senior Editor of ChewCode.com, Sakshi is currently pursuing MCA. She is a foodie and has a unique love for learning computer programming languages.

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Anurag Kumar

Co-Founder of ChewCode.com. Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Gizmo Bolt ( formerly Xperia Guide ). He is 24 years old, an avid writer, an Engineer by College Degree, a passionate blogger, SEO consultant, Internet Marketer, Impatient optimist!

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