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At we respect copyright policies of other sites and so we are expecting the same for you…!!! has been started with an aim to provide a helpful guide to computer programming basics for the beginners who have just started to learn code. is brought to you by the founders of

Copying content with attribution only

All the content posted on belongs to it. Tutorials, programming codes, flow charts, theoretical material posted on this blog will have ChewCode watermark otherwise ChewCode will provide full credits to the developer/author of the content/info/code, in the post or at the end of post.

We will try our best to credit every possible book author/code author/programmer if we have used any info from their published material/resarch paper/programming codes in any manner.

Any blog/website is allowed to copy a part of our content/quote our content on its own with full attribution to with a back link to the original content published on our site. You must Contact in case you want more info or content to be published on your site.

If we come to know that ChewCode content has been republished or copied without the prior written permission of the owner/author/editor/admin of ChewCode then we will file a copyright complaint with the advertising partners of the fellow site and DMCA copyright complaint with their hosting service.

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